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Lone Star Trenchless proudly brings the most advanced drain and pipe cleaning and inspection technology to our customers in Benbrook, Texas. We can save you thousands of dollars in sewer repair expense by locating subtle signs of problems so they can be fixed easily before they become a major issue.

Why Drain Line Inspections Are Important In Benbrook

Inspection and cleaning of your drains and pipes is an important part of good home maintenance, but it is often forgotten or pushed to the back burner until a problem arises. Unfortunately, the situation has then progressed to a point where only a costly repair can fix the problem when an early diagnosis could have allowed for a much less expensive solution. Just as regular oil changes will save your car from major problems, a routine and inexpensive drain cleaning and inspection will prevent thousands of dollars in sewer repair costs.

Annual drain inspection is one of the most economical and easy ways to prevent major sewer problems. Our sewer camera technology uses high definition and infrared cameras to provide real-time video footage of the condition of your pipes. The fully-trained Lone Star Trenchless technician works the camera deep into the pipe, checking for signs of corrosion, extreme heat damage, tree root penetration, mineral buildup, and waste accumulation, just to name a few common issues we see in the Benbrook area.

We then catalog the problems so that we can go over the video with you and develop a comprehensive plan of action to address immediate concerns and schedule future improvements for areas that can wait. Our drain inspection gives you real control over the health of your home or business’s sewer structure.

Leak Detection Technology & Services With Lone Star Trenchless

If you think your pipes may be leaking, Lone Star Trenchless also has the latest in leak detection technology. We can reliably pinpoint any leak, including water drips, escaping gas, or airflow problems using tools that go beyond human capabilities to find those that are hidden to the naked eye. For pinhole leaks, our infrared camera inspection reveals subtle changes in temperature that reveals its invisible location to our expert technicians.

For pressurized gas and air, we have ultrasonic leak detection, a highly sensitive tool that detects the whistling sound that escaping gas makes, even if the leak is so tiny that the noise can’t be heard by the human ear. We can even track airflow leaks, such as air escaping from ductwork or your roof, by introducing smoke that our technicians can track to find even the smallest hole. No leak is too subtle for us to find.

How We Clean Drain Line Systems In Texas

In addition to inspection and leak detection for pipe maintenance, Lone Star Trenchless also offer advanced drain cleaning service with modern hydro jetting technology. This new method of cleaning uses a hose with a specially engineered, high-pressure water nozzle to safely scrub tough buildup and blockages from the inside of the pipe. Hydro jetting is effective for a wide variety of applications, including waste and grease buildup in drains, hard water accumulation in water lines, and tree root removal in buried pipes.

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Lone Star Trenchless has the latest technology on the market for your Benbrook, Texas pipeline and sewer maintenance needs. We’ll help you clean and maintain your pipes to extend their life and save you thousands of dollars. Call today to learn more about how we can help you!

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