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When you need to see what’s happening inside your sewer or water line, call Lone Star Trenchless. We have a variety of sewer camera and video inspection services to bring our customers in Benbrook, Texas fast, reliable results.

What Are Sewer Camera Inspections, & How Do They Work?

Sewer camera inspection uses highly-engineered, durable waterproof cameras to collect real-time footage of the interior of the pipe. Our services reveal areas of damage and deterioration so that the problem can be more accurately diagnosed and corrected. Lone Star Trenchless ensures that we have a full understanding of the problem, eliminating the danger of wasted time and money on an ineffective repair. Instead, we pinpoint the source and severity so that we can plan the most efficient, cost-effective solution before we begin work.

In addition to providing the information we need to guarantee a successful repair process, our video inspection technology also gives you the information you need to feel comfortable with the repair recommendations. Many people worry that they don’t fully understand their sewer needs and that it impacts their ability to choose the right solution options. If you like, you can join us for the video inspection, where our technician can show you what’s coming back from the camera and explain what it means. This firsthand knowledge gives you the power to take control of your sewer maintenance and make informed decisions about which repair option is right for your needs and your budget.

Types Of Camera Inspection Equipment & Processes

Lone Star Trenchless has a variety of inspection systems to succeed in any situation, including:

  • Visual HD Sewer Camera Inspections We have visual HD sewer camera inspection, which collects high-definition footage of the pipe interior. This method works well for routine preventive inspections, identifying obstructions, and evaluating buildup progression. It provides a virtual walk-through of the pipe, where the technician can use experience and expertise to analyze what it reveals.
  • Infrared Inspection Technology Another option that we frequently use, this advanced system collects video that shows different colored areas for surface temperatures of the objects in the video. When viewed by our expert technician, these color variations reveal everything from pinhole leaks invisible to the naked eye to areas of weakened pipe to a major failure in an inaccessible area. Infrared is especially helpful when inspecting copper water lines, which are often too narrow for a visual camera and have leaks too tiny to be easily seen.

These powerful inspection technologies have a surprising array of uses that benefit Lone Star Trenchless customers. When pipes are showing signs of a problem, such as moisture from an unknown source, odors, or frequent blockages, our cameras can readily find the problem.

The Benefits Of Video Inspections In Benbrook, Texas

At Lone Star Trenchless, we offer preventive inspection services, a low-cost annual pipe evaluation to find subtle signs of developing issues so they can be repaired before they turn into costly major problems. If you’re planning remodeling or new utility connections, we can locate and map existing sewer lines, so you can avoid them when you’re digging for new structures. You can also count on Lone Star Trenchless for building pre-inspections, to make sure your plumbing in your new home or business meets the Benbrook housing codes before the city inspection.

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