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Lone Star Trenchless is proud to bring the newest drain and pipe cleaning and inspection services to our friends and neighbors in Burleson, Texas. We have the tools and knowledge to help you take command of your pipes’ maintenance, saving you time, money, and hassle both now and later.

How Our Sewer Pipe & Drain Cleaning Services Work

For drain and pipe cleaning, Lone Star Trenchless uses innovative hydro jetting technology, an advanced method that harnesses the power of pressurized water to clear away debris and buildup. Our experienced technician inserts a highly calibrated water nozzle into the pipe that jets water in 360 degrees at over 4000 PSI.

Its force is strong enough to break apart nearly any obstruction, including compacted paper products, hair, or even tree roots that penetrate the drain searching for water during our Texas droughts. The nozzle also scours layers of buildup from the pipe wall, such as stuck-on waste material or hard water scale and other mineral deposits. Further, it cleans corrosion from the pipe to stop the spread of decay. Drain and pipe cleaning with Lone Star Trenchless are an easy, affordable way to gain years of extra life out of your plumbing system. We remove the corrosive materials adhered to the pipe that are eating away at its surface, steadily deteriorating it until sections of it crumble or collapse. We also clear out tree roots which, left untreated, will continue to expand until they fracture the pipe, causing severe damage and costly repairs. In addition, a routine annual drain cleaning keeps pipes operating a full capacity and eliminate recurrent blockages as normal amounts of waste get caught in the narrowed pipe. Pipe cleaning takes just an hour or two and can save you huge amounts of cost and aggravation.

The Drain Inspection Process for Residential & Commercial Sewer Pipes in Burleson

Another frequently requested service is our drain inspection service. Lone Star Trenchless has advanced camera systems that can collect detailed, real-time data on the condition of your pipes so that you can make informed decisions about your sewer repair needs.

We insert a special HD camera into the pipe that’s designed to withstand the watery, dirty conditions inside a sewer pipe but still record high-quality footage. That video is fed instantly through fiber optic cable to screen where both our highly-trained technician and you can see it immediately. Our technician will note areas that are showing signs of wear, damage, or obstruction, and help you choose any needed repair options to keep your system working correctly.

Like drain cleaning, regularly scheduled sewer inspection helps prevent a wide variety of problems to save you money. We can spot early, subtle signs that a pipe is wearing out, such as micro-fissures from extreme heat stress, corrosion from hurricane-related flooding, or progression of tree root infiltration. When caught early, these warning signs allow you to plan low-cost reinforcement repairs, such as pipe lining, when it will be easiest on your budget but still in time to prevent a major failure.

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Lone Star Trenchless has a variety of modern tools and techniques to help you keep your drains and pipes clean, clear, and functioning normally. Our drain and pipe cleaning and inspection services reveal potential problems before they become disasters, potentially saving you thousands. Call today to learn more about how we can help you!

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