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Whether you have a sewer problem that needs attention now or you want to take proactive steps to prevent one in the future, Lone Star Trenchless has the latest technology to bring you the knowledge you need to make confident choices about your repair options. We take the guesswork out of sewer repair by taking a detailed, real-time look at what’s happening with your pipe, no matter where it is.

How Lone Star Trenchless Conducts Camera & Video Inspections in Sewer Pipes

Lone Star Trenchless offers several options for sewer camera inspection service in the Burleson area. High-definition visual video collects clear, detailed footage of the interior of the pipe, which it feeds instantly through fiber optics to a viewscreen. The technician maneuvers the camera through the sewer system, visually inspecting all of the pipe surfaces, joints, and elbows for signs of deterioration or buildup. The method can be using in pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter, making it effective for a wide variety of applications.

We also offer infrared video inspection service, a method that uses a specialized camera that records the surface temperatures of the surrounding environment and displays it as color-coded areas based on how warm or cool the surface is. Infrared works well in situations where visibility is particularly poor and is helpful for locating pinhole leaks and micro-fissures that are invisible to the human eye.

What are The Benefits of Sewer Line Video Inspections?

Video inspection is an essential part of the trenchless repair process, because it serves as the technicians’ eyes in areas that are inaccessible. Without the ability to see the damage and guide the tools and repair materials into buried pipes, trenchless repair would be difficult if not impossible. Because Lone Star Trenchless has a strong commitment to excellence, we’ve invested in the best inspection technology to ensure that we can always see exactly what’s happening during a repair process, no matter how deeply it’s buried.

Lone Star Trenchless also offers preventive video inspection services. A brief, inexpensive sewer camera inspection will reveal the areas where pipes are weakening so they can be reinforced with pipe lining before they collapse and require thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Preventive inspections also provide ongoing status checks on mineral buildup, tree root intrusion, and other progressive issues, so that you can deal with them at the point when your budget allows rather than when they become an emergency problem.

If you’re planning a major remodeling project that involves digging new foundations, utility lines, tree plantings, or wall footings and you’re not sure where your sewer line is buried, Lone Star Trenchless video inspection service can help you avoid unfortunate sewer damage during excavation with sewer mapping. We can create a diagram identifying the placement of your below-ground sewer lines, so you can dig with confidence that you’re not going to strike a sewer pipe and create thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs.

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