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When an underground water line breaks, it can be extraordinarily costly to repair, especially for the homeowner who doesn't expect it. It is best to call a plumber and speak with an expert as soon as possible. Here at Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service, we specialize in water line repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. After you have consulted us, we will recommend the best repair procedures to help you make the most of our expertise.

Signs You Need Water Line Services

You have a few key signs that you need water line services. If you happen to notice any of these signs, reach out to Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service to benefit from timely water line services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX:

  • High and unexplained water bills
  • Dropping water pressure
  • Strange gurgling noises from sink or toilet
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Puddles in the yard

In the event of a major leak, you should know where the shutoff valve is located. You can usually find this in the utility closet or basement. When you call our team, we will first conduct an investigation to give our diagnosis of the problem.

Importance and Benefits of Water Line Services

The biggest benefit that you can get for this type of service is that if you have a break in your water line, we can resolve the high water bill that comes with it. You can save hundreds of dollars per year in costs on your succeeding water bills. Another benefit is that modern replacement methods can help you to expand your pipe, and this increases the flow and pressure within your home. We also recommend relying on our team for water line installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, because of how it just works better. We will make sure that your plumbing system remains healthy.

Causes and Common Issues of Water Line Damage

Water line damage might happen because the pipes have gotten too old and have begun to corrode. You may want to consider water line replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX if this happens. The other thing that can happen is if the water line freezes and causes a rupture. When we conduct a water line installation, we try to insulate it as well to protect from this problem. In some cases, even the soil shifting can cause the pipes to break.

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Why do locals choose Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service? That is partly to our team having a proven track record. A damaged water line in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, should never be taken lightly., which is why we make sure to take on the problem head-on with our full suite of water line services. Call our professional plumber in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX today, and we will come out to fix your water line as soon as possible. We're the experts of this region, and you can trust that we will get the job done right. You may also fill out the online form to schedule your appointment for any of our top services:

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