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Lonestar Trenchless & Drain Service is the leading provider for trenchless sewer pipe bursting technology to replace severely damaged drains without expensive, disruptive digging. Our modern solutions provide superior results to standard procedures while still saving customers time and money. As a locally owned business, we’re glad for the opportunity to serve our community with the best solutions available today.

How is Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting Better Than Traditional Dig-And-Replace Repairs?

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting is a contemporary method for drain pipeline replacement that uses newly designed tools to remove the drain line and install a new one without requiring that it be fully excavated. Rather than large-scale trenching, the system requires only a small opening at each end of the damaged pipe to allow access for introduction and removal of the tool and the flexible replacement pipe.

Lonestar Trenchless has spent the time to develop expertise with this innovative new technology because we believe in its benefits for Fort Worth homeowners and businesses. By eliminating the destructive trenching that is traditionally required for pipe replacement, we can significantly reduce the time, cost, and frustration that usually accompany a sewer repair. As a family owned and operated business in the greater Fort Worth area, we want to provide the best possible solutions for our friends and neighbors.

Lonestar Trenchless’ pipe bursting technology is much more efficient than other methods. We can replace a pipe in just a day or two as opposed to weeks that are usually required. We also eliminate the long process of restoring your driveways, landscaping, and property structures that would be destroyed. Our technology considerably reduces the annoyance to your household or the negative impact to your business traffic and productivity.

How Does the Trenchless Pipeline Bursting Process Work?

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting with Lonestar Trenchless also costs much less than traditional sewer repairs in most cases. In a typical repair, the most expensive parts of the process are the many hours of labor and equipment rental or allocation that continually drive up the bill as the replacement procedure drags on. Our method requires a minimal amount of equipment and a small crew, so we can cut the cost of most replacements in half or even more.

To complete a pipe bursting replacement, we begin by thoroughly inspecting the damaged water line with our sewer camera technology to evaluate the severity of the problem. We then insert a specially designed, high-impact bursting mole or drill head that works through the sewer line, breaking it up in tiny fragments that will easily and safely dissolve into the surrounding soil. As it moves, the mole pulls in a new, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline, which is a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly alternative to standard PVC or clay sewer lines. We then reconnect it to surrounding pipes and fill the small holes, fully replacing your pipe with a minimum of impact to your daily routine.

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