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If you’re looking for reliable sewer repair and fast results in the Fort Worth, Texas area, call Lonestar Trenchless & Drain Service for trenchless sewer replacement. We have innovative solutions that make any sewer repair a hassle-free process.

Lonestar Trenchless’ sewer replacement technology takes advantage of existing openings in the pipe to allow us to restore the pipe to better-than-new condition without a large amount of digging. Instead of exposing the pipe to extract it, we replace the pipe with a new one that is created just inside of it. This new pipe, called a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) because of the way it is made, completely restores the sewer service in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

What are the Steps of Replacing Sewer Lines with Trenchless Technology?

We begin every trenchless sewer repair service with a comprehensive inspection of the sewer system to look for signs of corrosion and damage and to determine the overall health of the system. Our high-definition sewer camera fits easily through the drain line, so we can actually inspect the interior surface of the pipe where all the real damage occurs. We catalog all the identified problem areas and develop a solution that will restore your water pipe to like-new condition.

After inspecting, we then clean the sewer pipeline with innovative hydro jetting service that uses a carefully calibrated pressure washing tool to create an immaculate surface where the new pipe can adhere. With the pipe prepared, the new liner is introduced through a built-in cleanout opening or the end of the pipe and positioned over the damaged areas that need to be replaced. The liner is coated with a thick layer of specially-engineered, high-strength epoxy resin that not only seals cracks but hardens to form new sections of pipe. We then expand the liner to form the new sewer pipe against the inside of the old one and allow the epoxy to cure into the CIPP, which is then reconnected to the surrounding pipelines to replace the damaged one.

What are the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacements?

The obvious benefits of the trenchless sewer replacement system with Lonestar Trenchless are many. Our relining system requires only a day, rather than weeks for a traditional dig-and-replace system. It also costs less – oftentimes as little as 50% of other methods – because it dramatically reduces the amount of labor and equipment need to complete the repair. The repair materials are long-lasting, resisting storm damage, heat stress, and biological corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about another repair procedure for your water mains for 50 years or longer.

Lonestar Trenchless sewer replacements also have multiple less tangible benefits. Our trenchless repairs have a smaller installation footprint, so there’s much less disruption to your business workflow or family routine. We protect the local environment by reducing destruction of green space as well as bird and small animal homes, and we prevent a large amount of landfill waste from entering the environment. With our advanced technology, your sewer repair process can be easy and worry-free.

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