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Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service is a family-owned-and-operated trenchless company in Weatherford, TX but we serve all of the Fort Worth Metroplex. We are certified to provide trenchless sewer repair in Weatherford, TX, and the surrounding areas. Minimally invasive repair methods can fix small to large problems with your sewer line. 

Signs and Issues You Need Trenchless Sewer Repair

Some signs of sewer line troubles are obvious, such as a sewer smell coming from your drains and darker green patches of grass in the yard. Your grass should be an even color. If certain areas have become darker than others, this means sewage is rising to the surface.

When you smell sewage coming up the drains, it's more than an inconvenience. You need to contact the Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service team to diagnose and repair the sewer. This odor means that sewage gas is traveling the wrong direction in your pipes, which can be caused by blockages. Other signs your sewer line needs repair are multiple clogged drains, moisture around the basement drains, and backups. Strange problems like water coming up your shower drain when you flush the toilet are commonly caused by sewer problems too.

We offer trenchless pipe lining in Weatherford, TX, to repair sewer problems. Pipe lining is a reliable way of fixing your sewer line. In this method, we insert a new pipe within the old pipe to avoid extensive digging around your property.

Importance and Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Having your sewer repaired at the first sign of problem matters, or else you may end up needing to replace the entire piping system. Nonetheless, we offer trenchless sewer replacement in Weatherford, TX, in case your sewer has sustained serious damage.

Keep in mind that trenchless sewer repair is more affordable than traditional sewer repair. We don't recommend the traditional route unless your situation is a rare instance in which we can't use trenchless methods to fix your sewer. Trenchless technology is safe for the environment and doesn't damage your landscaping. Little to no digging is required when repairing your pipes with this method. Trenchless sewer repair is also faster and less disruptive than traditional methods. We can have your sewer line repaired within a day.

The Trenchless Sewer Repair Process

The process of repairing your sewer can be summed up in three steps: inspection, cleaning and repairing. We use a high-resolution video camera to inspect your sewer line. Without an inspection, we wouldn't know where the pipes need repair or the entirety of what's going on with them. After we know what the problem is, we need to clean the pipes to make sure the repairs last a long time.

With the sewer line properly prepped for repairs, we insert a liner through your sewer and position it wherever the pipes need repair. Then, we let it sit for 1–30 hours, depending on your unique situation, for the resin to harden. After the resin is hardened, we double-check via a video camera inspection that the sewer line was correctly repaired.

Trenchless pipe replacement in Weatherford, TX, works in a similar way. However, we may recommend pipe bursting as a trenchless method if your pipes need to be replaced. The process is the same except the old pipe is "burst away" into the surrounding soil.

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