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Lonestar Trenchless is proud to offer reliable and comprehensive drain cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding areas. With the industry continuing to advance and expand, technology has allowed the innovation of drain cleaning methods that are more eco-friendly and convenient for customers.

At Lonestar Trenchless, the drain cleaning process is accompanied by our inspection services. When we arrive on a homeowner’s property, our visit begins with an assessment of the sewer system, conducted by inserting a camera into the pipelines directly. A fast process, the high-quality cameras expose various problems within the pipes and drains, including tree root infestations and clogs formed by organic materials, and allow our specialists to determine the best solutions for resolving these matters in a timely fashion.

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To clean the pipes effectively, we deploy our advanced hydro jetting equipment. By using the same access point established during the initial inspection, we keep the process of drain cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas minimally invasive and customer friendly. The hydro jetting equipment is simple and easy to transport, simply requiring a water pressure tank, hose, and specially designed nozzle attached to the spout of the hose. Our team is readily equipped with these tools for all of our visits, ensuring that we are prepared for any scenario.

The hose and nozzle are positioned into the clogged drain in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX where any clogs and tree roots have been located, and after the water tank is filled and turned on, the force and speed of the water is redirected to cover the diameter of the inside of the pipe. The combination of the hot water-pressure and redirected spray in multi-directions ensures a thorough cleaning, capable of removing clogs composed of mineral deposits, waste, and tree root clumps with ease. The water is clean and safe for potable water systems, and after blasting waste accumulation off of the interior of the walls, the water flushes the debris out of the residential drains and pipeline system and into the city sewer main.

Our drain cleaning services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and other areas we serve are designed to be convenient, and since the work can be completed within a single day, we are proud to offer these services year-round. With drain cleaning services scheduled regularly over the course of the year, this keeps the buildup of waste and debris down to a minimum, washing it away before it can create dense clog formations and other problems. 

By investing in having frequent cleaning sessions such as for drain snaking in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, or nearby areas, we can encourage our customers to continuously maintain their pipes and prevent expensive accidents from plaguing their home in the future. We are strong advocates of preventative care, and with our hydro jetting equipment, we are able to make this a possibility for the residents in Texas.

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