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Our pipe bursting experts at Lonestar Trenchless are proud to offer our innovative trenchless pipe bursting and trenchless sewer replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas. Combining advanced technology and contemporary equipment, we have the solutions to restore pipelines back to proper functionality.

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What Pipe Bursting Can Fix

Pipe bursting is a solution recommended for fixing pipes that have severe damage inside of them, including:

  • Eroded sections of the pipeline
  • Pipeline collapses
  • The pipeline joints have burst

As a result, conventional pipe lining and water line repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas aren’t as effective for resolving these problems, meaning that pipe bursting is the solution that our experts will recommend. This process can only be advised following a careful inspection of the pipes, in which we insert a small camera into the pipelines and determine the severity of the damage as well as other factors. Following this careful inspection, we can move forward with the best solution possible. We can also preface the inspection with a drain cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and other areas we serve to ensure a more accurate reading.

Equipped with pipe bursting heads of various sizes, we can ensure that our equipment will fit within the parameters of every pipeline system. We don’t waste time transporting equipment to the site with multiple trips. Our specialists make sure to bring everything they may need for the pipe bursting in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas to be completed thoroughly.

The Pipe Bursting Method of Repairs

After the camera video inspection in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas, the pipe bursting process involves inserting a bursting head into the pipeline. The bursting head’s size is determined based on the pipeline system that needs to be fixed. The access point our technicians use is typically the same one established in our initial inspection of the pipes. The bursting head is then forced through the host pipe, breaking the material apart into fragments and pushing it into the surrounding soil.

At the same time, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is dragged along behind the bursting head. This is done so that, as the old pipe is being burst apart by the drilling head, the new pipe is comfortably pulled along from behind it and inserted into the newly created space. This creates a seamless installation and eliminates the need for excavation or multiple steps that would take weeks to complete. With our trenchless sewer repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas, we can complete the job within a single day.

Pipe bursting is not only an eco-friendly solution but it offers many benefits. The HDPE pipe that we install to replace the previous pipe is a strong and durable material. With a low-frequency rate of sewer line repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas and pipe repairs needed, HDPE pipes are commonly installed in both homes and commercial buildings because of their efficiency and resistance to environmental issues. Its materials are safe for potable water systems and significantly reduce the risk of water supplies become discolored while keeping the water safe for people to drink as well.

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Trenchless pipe bursting is a solution that people can rely on to serve their home’s pipeline and sewer system effectively for many years. With Lonestar Trenchless, concerns of heavy excavation and property damage are a thing of the past. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, call us today at . We also offer inspection services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and neighboring areas. We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service and high-quality solutions that will produce long-lasting results. You may also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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