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At Lone Star Trenchless, we offer eco-friendly drain cleaning services that are fast and affordable for residents of Benbrook, Texas. Our family owned and operated business utilizes the most advanced technology in drain cleaning and repair. This allows us to use effective methods that are free of chemicals. This way, we can remove clogs while preserving materials within piping.

How Our Drain Cleaning Process Works

If you are experiencing a clog around your home or business, we have the tools and experience to remove it quickly, before it gets worse. What’s better, we utilize advanced, modern technology to do so.

Formerly, identifying the location of clogs and backups could entail extensive examinations of the pipes. With Lone Star Trenchless, the days of having to disassemble pipelines are long gone. With our first step being a camera video inspection, we get right to work in finding the location of the pesky clog.

This state-of-the-art camera equipment is inserted into the pipe, and sends high resolution video imaging back to the technician. Through these readings, our professionals can quickly and easily determine where the clog is occurring. From there, we utilize the latest hydro jetting techniques to break down the materials causing the buildup.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is the effective, modern solution for breaking down materials within pipelines, without the use of chemicals. After our professionals have found where the clog is occurring, we begin the process by inserting a hose containing a specialized nozzle into the pipeline.

The nozzle is crafted so the spray will fully cover the diameter of the pipe. On the reverse end, these are connected to a highly pressurized water tank, which spews very hot water through the hose. When the water is release from the equipment, the speed and force mixed with the temperature are so powerful, that it breaks down the residue causing the buildup.

The clogs are then flushed out of your pipelines and pushed into the municipal sewage systems, unaccompanied by harmful chemicals. This is beneficial because chemical drain cleaners wreak havoc on the environment and on the materials inside pipes. In fact, these chemicals can be so harsh on pipes, they often cause deterioration.

Rather than having to deal with a pipe bursting from corrosion and deterioration down the road, have Lone Star Trenchless clear the buildup with our effective, simple, hydro jetting method instead.

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