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At Lone Star Trenchless, we offer the most advanced technology for sewer camera inspection in Benbrook, Texas. Whether your property is a home, business, or rental, we understand the importance of wanting to preserve your landscaping during a sewer inspection.

Historically, sewer inspections could entail extensive excavations in order to examine the pipelines and identify the source of leaks or corrosion. With our sewer camera inspections, we can bypass these upheavals, while still effectively identifying the issues.

How we Perform Camera Inspections with Trenchless Technology

Lone Star Trenchless accomplishes this procedure by inserting specialized cameras into the pipelines of the sewer systems around your property. Rather than digging up land to view the pipes externally, we only have to dig small holes to have a single point of insertion.

From there, we maneuver the cameras through the pipelines, and examine them internally. The cameras send real-time feedback to a technician above ground, who is specially trained to identify the defect.

Depending on what is causing the problem, we can then proceed to determine the most effective method of resolution. Whether it be a clog or buildup that can be fixed through our drain cleaning services, or a crack in need of one of our sewer line repair services, these inspections are the most efficient first step for your Benbrook property.

What are the Benefits of Video Pipeline Inspection Services in Benbrook?

In addition to preserving your landscaping, opting for a sewer camera inspection is the right choice for a number of reasons. It saves time, ensures accuracy, and puts control into the hands of the property owner.

The traditional methods of inspection are much more time consuming, as excavation alone is no small task. During those times, you may not have access to your standard utilities, and may even need to stay away from your home. After the digging and repair work is completed, you are still left with reassembling your lawn and home. Sewer camera inspections allow you to bypass this, saving time and creating efficiency.

Along with being efficient, sewer camera inspections also allow for accuracy. Formerly, determining “where” and “what” was causing the problem was a guessing game. By analyzing the video footage, the room for error becomes eliminated.

Perhaps the greatest part about sewer camera inspections, is that it puts control back into the hands of Benbrook property owners. Having the video footage allows for not only the technician to see the problem, but it can be shared with the owner as well. This creates piece of mind, and transparency, in knowing what you are paying for.

Finally, and added bonus of sewer camera inspection is it’s used not only after issues arise—it’s a great method for prevention, too! By inserting the cameras into the sewer lines, the technicians can also identify issues that may be problematic down the road. By spotting things like corrosion before pipes burst, we can seal weak spots and keep your pipes in great shape.

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