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For a faster, easier, more affordable solution for your damaged sewer line, Lone Star Trenchless offers advanced trenchless sewer pipe bursting for our clients in Burleson, Texas. We can replace any sewer line without the need for extensive digging using this innovative, low-hassle technology.

Why Trenchless Pipe Bursting Methods are Superior to Excavation

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting is a modern method of sewer replacement which uses specialized tools that work underground to break up an old, irreparable pipe and simultaneously install a replacement. In our thick Texas clay soil that’s often difficult to dig, pipe bursting significantly cuts the time and effort needed to complete any repair, which in turn reduces the cost of the project.

Our technology also reduces or eliminates excess damage to your property that usually comes along with large-scale trenching replacements, and it’s kinder to our environment as well. Because pipe bursting offers so many benefits to customers in the Burleson area, Lone Star Trenchless constantly researches the latest developments in pipe bursting technology to ensure that we always have the best solutions available.

How Does the Sewer Drain Line Bursting Process Work in Burleson?

We begin by inspecting the sewer system to locate the best entry points to begin work on the damaged pipe. Pipe bursting is typically completed from each end of the pipe, though smaller sections can be replaced and reconnected if the situation requires it. We also use the cameras to identify and diagram any connections between the line scheduled for replacement and surrounding pipes so that we can reopen them with our remote cutter once the repair is finished.

With the pipe inspected and analyzed, the Lone Star Trenchless technicians will expose a small area at each end of the damaged pipe so that the bursting tool can be inserted and removed. Pipe bursting can replace a line up to 300 or 400 feet in length but requires only a hole at each end approximately 4 to 6 feet square, keeping the damage to your property at a minimum. In municipal and commercial applications, pipe bursting makes pipe replacement in difficult areas like beneath roads and parking lots a much faster, much less disruptive process, keeping customers and citizens happy even in the middle of a major repair.

Next, the pneumatic bursting tool is inserted into one end of the pipe and pulled carefully through the pipe from the other end using a winch with a cable. As it moves along, the bursting tool pounds outward against the pipe walls, breaking them apart and pushing the tiny fragments into the surrounding soil.

The new pipe is pulled along behind the pneumatic head, essentially installing a new pipe as the old one is taken out. Pipe bursting can also be used to increase the pipe size, such as to move from an aging two-inch sewer drain to a more modern three-inch drain for better flow. A typical pipe bursting can be completed in just a day or two, turning what would have been a long and difficult process into an efficient, cost-effective solution.

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