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Lonestar Trenchless & Drain Service has invested in the most advanced sewer camera inspection technology to ensure effective sewer repair solutions, every time. We can locate any problem no matter where it’s hiding with this powerful inspection system.

Why Sewer Video Camera Inspections are Beneficial Fort Worth

Sewer camera inspections are an integral part of the trenchless repair process. Without it, trenchless repairs wouldn’t be possible. The camera allows our trained technician to see and expose the inaccessible areas of the sewer system so that we can effectively diagnose and treat the problem without the need to dig the pipe and look at it directly.

Before the advent of this remarkable technology, sewer repair providers had to rely on technician expertise at evaluating the often-misleading visible symptoms, which in turn frequently led to unfortunate errors and expanding project cost. Our video inspection eliminates this risk by providing detailed footage that we use to pinpoint the problem, evaluate its severity, and prepare an appropriate solution that corrects the issue in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

How We Conduct Video Inspections of Your Pipes

Our sewer video inspection system also provides you with peace of mind that your sewer problems are being handled correctly. If you’ve ever dealt with an unethical repair person or company, you’ve experienced firsthand the frustration of learning that you were treated unfairly.

Lonestar Trenchless values every customer, and we gladly provide you an opportunity to review your video inspection while our expert technician explains the footage and any issues identified. When you choose us, you’ll enter every repair process with a complete understanding of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, so you can have confidence that you’re getting the best possible service.

Lonestar Trenchless has a selection of tools to address different needs and situations and help locate problems inside of your sewer line during the inspection. Our high-definition camera system collects clear footage of the interior of the water main, revealing important details such as the level of corrosion, the thickness of scale buildup from our locally hard water, the progress of tree root infiltration around joints, the spread of subtle fissure from heat and drought damage.

Leak Detection Equipment & Other Technology at Lonestar Trenchless

We also have infrared sewer video inspection technology. Infrared scanning is a powerful tool for locating hard-to-see pinhole leaks on water pipelines and gas lines. It creates a color-coded image of the water line based on the surface temperature, with different shades representing different temperatures. Pinhole leaks show up as noticeable bright or dark spots on an otherwise uniformly-colored pipe, instantly revealing the location of an invisible hole.

Once our expert Lonestar Trenchless technicians have evaluated the footage with you, we will work together with you to develop an effective repair solution that fully addresses your sewer repair needs. If it’s just a tiny pinhole leak, we will arrange for a simple patch. If the damage is widespread or severe, we’ll talk over the different repair options with you and help you choose the solutions that best fit your needs and budget. You can also use a routine annual sewer camera inspection to plan for long term improvements such as rehabilitating aging sewer lines or replacing inadequate materials.

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