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Few components prove more valuable to a commercial or residential property than its plumbing system. It provides water to carry out pertinent functions, like drinking, bathing, cooking, washing clothes, and eliminating waste products. A crucial part of this system is its water line. Any damage could cause significant disruption to the health and flow of a home or building's water supply. 

The experienced and skilled professionals at Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service specialize water line repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas. We offer quality solutions that meet an array of needs in the following areas:

Signs You Need Water Line Services

Water line issues are a significant concern and we tell our clients to contact us right away when they need water line services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas. This is especially true if they witness any of the following potentially problematic signs:

  • A Significant Change In Water Pressure - Water pressure that steadily declines or cannot be stabilized might indicate some type of system flow disruption.
  • Strange Sounds - Any strange sounds, like gurgles or hisses emanating from any systemic component, such as a toilet, sink, drain or pipe should be brought to the attention of a plumber in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, or nearby areas from our team as soon as possible.
  • Puddles Appear Outdoors - Home or property owners who notice puddles on the lawn are encouraged to contact our team promptly. This could indicate a blocked, leaking, or burst pipe.
  • A Sudden Rise In Water Costs - A precipitous rise in a home or building's water bills are also often a telltale sign warranting further investigation.
  • Foundational Cracks Appear - When water leaks underground, this often collects around a home or building's foundation. Over time, this excessive moisture damages impacted concrete, which often manifests in cracking.

The Importance And Benefits Of Water Line Services

There are several benefits associated with preventing a damaged water line in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX or the surrounding areas. Contacting our team to perform routine checks may help identify potentially significant problems in the beginning stages. Early detection could prevent future property damage, costly system repairs, and continually excessive water usage bills.

Obstructed or damaged water lines often come into contact with potentially detrimental substances, such as sewage, airborne toxins, and microbial agents. Any of these environmental byproducts possess the potential to contaminate impacted water and precipitate various serious illnesses to those who drink or bathe in the said resource.

Causes And Common Issues Of Water Line Damage

There are a number of issues that will necessitate water line replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas. Significant temperature fluctuations are chief among them, as pipes installed deep enough below the ground's surface area subject to freezing during cold temperatures. In many instances, pipes burst when temperatures warm, and the structures thaw.

Critters, such as rodents and insects often live or forage for food underground. Sometimes, these efforts cause water line damage. Like any other system, a water line's piping ages over time. Aging components stand at an increased risk of damaging or becoming obstructed.

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Home or building owners who experience any of the preceding issues are strongly urged to contact us. Our team of highly skilled professionals can perform a thorough evaluation of the property's water line system, identify any potential problems, make needed repairs or if need be, perform a new water line installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned and -operated company based in Weatherford, Texas but also proudly serve the entire Fort Worth Metroplex. Call Lonestar Trenchless and Drain Service today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment with our team.

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